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Wyden Says Port Project is a Winner for Jobs, the Environment

For Immediate Release: November 7, 2023

Coos Bay, Ore. – Senator Ron Wyden repeated his support of the Pacific Coast Intermodal Port project with a recent editorial in Oregon Business. He highlighted the transformative nature of the project that promises to bring huge opportunity to the region.

"The port's proposal is an innovative market-smart approach that fully deserves federal investment" the Senator said.

The development will bring substantial benefits to the state, including job creation, increased business opportunities, and infrastructure enhancements. 
Senator Wyden has been a staunch advocate for the project, highlighting many of its benefits including:

  • Promoting Sustainability: The project is designed with a focus on environmental responsibility and renewable energy integration. The 100 percent electric powered facility aligns with efforts to reduce carbon footprints globally. It leverages rail for freight which results in 75 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared to semi-truck transport.
  • Community Revitalization: The increased activity at the Port of Coos Bay will lead to greater economic growth in the region, providing a significant boost to local businesses and increasing tax revenues for the state. The expansion project will create thousands of jobs, offering new employment opportunities to residents.
  • Increase Trade and Investment: The expanded shipping terminal will attract new industries and increase trade opportunities, encouraging investment in the region, boosting West Coast shipping capacity up 10 percent.

Port CEO John Burns said, "This project is a testament to the strength and resilience of our local community. Senator Wyden's support has been unwavering, and he's been joined by elected officials across the state, and across the political spectrum. By investing in the Port of Coos Bay, we are paving the way for a more sustainable future for our state. I am proud to be part of a collaborative effort that supports the prosperity of our community and the preservation of our environment."

The Pacific Coast Intermodal Port (PCIP) project has received widespread support from local, state, and federal stakeholders, as well as various industry and union groups, and is set to become a model for sustainable, economic development in the Pacific Northwest.



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