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Coos Bay Harbor Safety Committee

About Coos Bay Harbor Safety Committee

The Coos Bay Harbor Safety Committee (CBHSC) is a volunteer committee comprised of industry stakeholders; local, state and federal agencies; and waterway user groups to help improve local coordination and leadership within the nation's ports. The committee was created under the recommendation of the Interagency Committee for the Maritime Transportation System (ICMTS) and the MTS National Advisory Council (MRSNAC) which were created following a report to congress from the Maritime Transportation System (MTS) Task Force in September of 1999. The Task Force was appointed to assess the adequacy of the nation's marine transportation system. 

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The purpose of the CBHSC is to recommend actions to improve the safety, security, mobility and environmental protection of Coos Bay and its waterways through: 

  • Effective communication and coordination between stakeholders
  • Alignment with local, state and federal laws and regulations
  • Identification and mitigation of hazards to navigational safety
  • Collaboration with governmental agencies to improve and promote maritime and environmental safety within the committee's area of responsibility.
Members of the Committee 

The Committee General membership is responsible for providing recommendations, direction, and support within the committee's area of responsibility. The CBHSC's area of responsibility begins at the seaward approaches into Coos Bay and continues into the bay, and includes navigable tributaries within the bay. 

Board Members:

Mike Dunning (Port of Coos Bay)  - Chair
George Wales (Coos Bay Pilots) - Vice Chair
Ryan Walrod (Jones Stevedoring Company) - Secretary
Pat Goll (Ocean Terminals) - Board Member
Pete Billeter (Billeter Marine) - Board Member
Rick Lilienthal (Fisherman) - Board Member

Members include:

  • Oregon Chip Terminal
  • NOAA
  • BIlleter Marine
  • USCG
  • Amergent Techs
  • Roseburg Forest Products
  • Oregon State Police
  • North Bend Fire Department
  • Sause Bros.
  • Coos Bay Pilots
  • Jones Stevedoring Company
  • Tyree Oil
  • Ocean Terminals
  • Commercial Fishermen
  • Coos County Sheriff's Office


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