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Charleston Marina Shipyard

The Charleston Shipyard is an important support facility for the fishing and recreational boating fleets.


May contain: water, waterfront, port, harbor, pier, boat, transportation, vehicle, pickup truck, truck, and watercraft

Shipyard Amenities Include:

  • Upland Vessel Area for DIY (do-it-yourself) vessel repair projects
  • Easy Access Work Docks
  • 100 ton travel lift
  • 200 ton marine ways
  • 7 1/2 ton forklift
  • Upland Vessel Storage


Current Services in the Shipyard 

Current services provided by third party's in the boatyard consist of:

May contain: transportation, vehicle, yacht, water, waterfront, boat, person, cruiser, military, navy, ship, port, watercraft, sailboat, clothing, hat, and ferry
Charleston Shipyard Travel Lift 

A 100-metric ton Marine Travel Lift services the Charleston Marina Shipyard. The Travel Lift can safely hoist vessels weighing up to 220,000 lbs for upland storage and repair projects. 



May contain: water, waterfront, person, car, transportation, vehicle, construction, and construction crane
  • Move vessels up to 30 tons
  • 18' maximum beam & 60' length overall
  • Weight transducers that provide vessel weight to customer
  • Night time lights for adequate light for night time operations
  • Triple strapping fore & aft to provide better weight distribution


How to Reserve Your Vessel Lift

  1. Call the Charleston Shipyard at (541) 297-2713 to schedule an appointment. 
  2. Fill out and sign a use agreement prior to boat lift. It is highly recommended that customers outside the area to provide vessel specifications to Shipyard staff prior to arrival. 
  3. Bring the boat to the Charleston Shipyard at the appointment time for your boat lift.
  4. *The Port reserves the right not to lift a vessel if deemed unsafe to do so.*


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