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Mitch Landrieu, Presidential Advisor Responsible for ‘Build America’ Implementation, Visits as Port Awaits Funding

For Immediate Release: December 12, 2023
Coos Bay, Ore. – Senior Advisor to the President and White House Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator Mitch Landrieu, Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Val Hoyle were in Coos Bay this week to discuss the Port’s container facility project.

The Pacific Coast Intermodal Port (PCIP) is a project of national significance that creates a new gateway for imports and exports through the Port of Coos Bay. This state-of-the-art facility will handle approximately 1.2 million containers per year and support approximately 2,500 direct jobs and 9,000 indirect jobs in Oregon alone.

The roundtable discussion that followed the tour included leaders from across the state and a bipartisan mix of elected officials from every level of government.

“This project is a winner for the environment, for jobs and it’s an inflation buster,” said Oregon’s senior senator, Ron Wyden, who has been a strong champion of the project.

Roundtable participants highlighted two big needs for Mr. Landrieu: easing supply chain congestion and increasing shipping capacity. Congresswomen Hoyle also highlighted the many benefits for the climate of the fully intermodal system.

The PCIP boasts three key components:

Promote Sustainability: The project is designed with a focus on environmental stewardship and renewable energy integration. The facility and equipment are 100 percent powered by electricity, aligning with national and international carbon reduction goals. It leverages rail for freight which minimizes highway congestion and results in 75 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared to semi-truck transport.
Boost Economy: The increased activity at the Port of Coos Bay will lead to greater economic growth in the region, providing a significant enhancement to businesses and increased tax revenues. The expansion project will create thousands of jobs along the supply chain offering new employment opportunities across the country.
Increase Trade and Investment: The expanded shipping terminal will attract new industries and increase international trade opportunities, encouraging investment throughout the region and boosting West Coast shipping capacity by 10 percent.
No new port has been built on the West Coast for over 60 years, and without the expanded offerings this project provides, the region won’t be able to meet international trading opportunities to get more American products to market.

“What we are seeing is unprecedented levels of support for a catalytic project,” said Port of Coos Bay CEO, John Burns. “It strikes at the heart of so many of our community needs, and as we heard from the national experts, it is a game changer for the country too. This is truly a partnership for the future.”


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