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Mission & Vision

As Oregon’s Gateway and through its designation as a state port, the Port of Coos Bay is uniquely positioned to influence the local economy. The Port’s involvement in regional economic development allows it to implement dynamic programs to help generate new industrial operations in the bay area. This role allows the Port to support continued growth and development of Oregon’s south coast.

Our Mission

Promoting sustainable development that enhances the economy of southwest Oregon and the State.

Our Vision

The Coos Bay harbor is experiencing the renewal of maritime commerce driven by the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay managed public investments in navigation system improvements and freight rail infrastructure benefiting the Coos Bay Rail Line. Long-term planning and improvements for the Port’s Charleston facilities drive both private-sector and public agency investments in the seafood industry, recreational tourism, research and education. Oregon’s bay area is prospering from a diversified regional economy and new employment opportunities.

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