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Environmental Programs

Stormwater Waste Management

Stormwater is the rain that falls on paved surfaces and flows as runoff which may contain pollutants to waterways. Small pollutants can add up to have a big impact on the water quality to these waterways. Therefore, the Port of Coos Bay is developing a Stormwater Waste Management Program to prevent, decrease and eradicate the effects of the polluted stormwater to the South Slough and the Coos Bay harbor. 


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 Clean Marina 

The Charleston Marina and Charleston Shipyard facilities have been certified as meeting rigorous pollution prevention standards of the State of Oregon Clean Marina Program. Both facilities have voluntarily adopted measures to control pollution associated with marina operations.  To learn more about this program, please click on the Clean Marina Logo.



Best Management Practices

The Charleston Marina and Charleston Shipyard Facilities follow the Best Management Practices that was approved by the Port's commission and is reviewed consistently to ensure practices are followed for best environmentally friendly use of the facilities. Both of these can be downloaded below. 

Charleston Marina Best Management Practices

Charleston Shipyard Best Management Practices

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