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Coos County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP) Update  

For Immediate Release: May 17, 2021
Coos Bay, OR –

The Coos County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP) update Steering Committee is seeking feedback from Coos County Citizens on hazards and how they affect homes and livelihoods. This information will be used to guide the current plan update. Please fill out the survey by clicking or typing this link:

The intent is to address natural hazards and their impacts, primarily to reduce or alleviate the loss of life or property. Hazards include coastal erosion, drought, earthquake, flood, landslide, tsunami, wildfire, windstorm, and winter storm. Mitigation actions usually include improving infrastructure such as bridges or critical facilities.
Coos County, in conjunction with the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD), and two Port Districts, two Hospitals, one Drainage District and seven Cities are working on the multi-jurisdictional plan update.

The planning and documentation of the project is ongoing and should conclude with an updated plan in March of 2022. Your input on this survey will be collected and finalized by June 1st.

Contact: (541) 396-7790 or (541) 396-7791

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