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Coos Bay Rail Line

The Port is both owner and operator of the Coos Bay Rail Line, an approximately 134‐mile freight rail line from Danebo Junction (in west Eugene) to Coquille. The Port purchased the line from west Eugene to the north end of the Coos Bay Swing‐span Bridge (111 miles) in 2009 from Central Oregon & Pacific (CORP) Railroad/Rail America Inc. The Port acquired the Coos Bay Swing‐span Bridge in 2001 from Union Pacific as part of a rehabilitation project. The Port acquired the line from the Swing‐span Bridge to Coquille (23 miles) from Union Pacific in 2010.

Following the acquisitions, the Port began rehabilitation of the rail infrastructure, including various tunnel, track, and bridge repairs. In 2011, service was restored to 111‐ miles of the Coos Bay Rail Line from the North Spit to Eugene, and in 2013, the Port restored service to the entire 134‐mile line. The Coos Bay Rail Line consists of nine tunnels, three swing‐span bridges, more than 150 water crossings, and more than 40 at‐grade and signalized crossings. The 134‐mile Coos Bay Rail Line has served for nearly 100 years as an essential link between southwest Oregon communities and the coastal shipping hub of Coos Bay. It provides efficient and cost‐effective access to regional, national, and global markets and the North American Class 1 freight rail system. 

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