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Charleston RV Park Wifi

March 29, 2018

Oregon International Port of Coos Bay (OIPCB) has recently completed the installation of public access Wi-Fi at the Charleston RV Park in the Charleston Marina Complex. In today’s digital age, OIPCB recognizes the importance of having Wi-Fi as an amenity for our RV Park guests to make their stay more enjoyable.  

High speed internet infrastructure had to be installed to have adequate bandwidth to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage for our guests. OIPCB contracted through a third party vendor, which specializes in providing RV Parks and marinas, to install and maintain the system The project was completed in March 2018. 

OIPCB continues to strive to provide the best customer service at the Charleston Marina. The OIPCB is excited to be able to provide this service that can be used by customers for many years to come. 

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