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Charleston Marina Complex

May contain: water, waterfront, harbor, pier, port, transportation, vehicle, watercraft, marina, boat, and sailboat

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay owns and operates the Charleston Marina, the Charleston Marina RV Park and the Charleston Shipyard, all of which serve various market segments in the community – commercial fishing and seafood processing, recreational fishing and boating, tourism and a growing retail and commercial sector. 

The port adopted a master plan for the development and management of port-owned property and marine related activities in the Charleston area in the early 1990s and updated that plan in early 2007 to reflect changing economic conditions, environmental values and shifts in facility use over the years. 

With completion of several projects related to the plan, the port worked with community members starting in December 2012 through June 2013 in a collaborative process for a 2013 Charleston Harbor Master Plan Update. A Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE)/AmeriCorps representative facilitated the process to gather community input from users of the facilities, local area residents, other public agencies and various advocacy and community support groups in the Charleston area. From that information, the port developed this comprehensive and flexible plan to produce the greatest benefit for Charleston and Oregon’s Bay Area. 

As Oregon’s Gateway and through its designation as a state port, the Port of Coos Bay is uniquely positioned to influence the local economy. The Port’s involvement in regional economic development allows it to implement dynamic programs to help generate new industrial operations in the bay area, in support of its role in the continued growth and development of Oregon’s south coast.

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