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Charleston Ice Plant Rebuild Project Nears Completion

For Immediate Release: July 22, 2020
Coos Bay, OR –

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay (Port) is in the final weeks of construction of the Charleston Ice Plant Rebuild Project, which is scheduled to reopen in August of 2020.  Work on the project began in December of 2019 following a catastrophic fire which destroyed the former plant.  Port staff in conjunction with contracted engineers, architects, and construction firms have worked as expeditiously as possible to restore access to commercial grade flake ice for the commercial and recreational fishing fleets in Charleston.  “Successfully completing this work in the timeframe we have is truly a testament to the Port’s commitment to the Port District and the fishing community of Charleston,” said John Burns, Port CEO, adding “access to ice is critical for a number of West Coast fisheries to keep their catch fresh until it reaches market.”

Installation of the vapor barrier, which wraps the exterior of the building, was completed Monday, July 20th (pictured below).  This week following installation of the barrier, sleepers will be affixed to the exterior of the facility to provide a surface to attach the exterior siding.  Work that remains on the exterior of the facility includes installation of the siding and roofing as well as attaching the external stairwell.  On the interior building, welders will be connecting the various ice making equipment components with custom piping.  Additional electrical work and plumbing will also take place on the interior of the facility. 

The new plant will increase ice making and storage capacity to ensure adequate access for resident and traveling fishing fleets.  Storage capacity will increase from 115 to 158 tons, and production from 2 to 5 tons per hour.  The added production will improve service delivery time in the high seasons, increasing availability and reducing potential delays due to high demand versus production ratio.  In addition, the new ice making equipment will increase the energy efficiency of operations.  In efforts to improve the environmental sustainability of the Charleston Marina Complex, the project has addressed two specific areas.  First, the removal of over one hundred and fifteen creosote piles.  These piles have been replaced with steel piles.  The old pressure treated wood decking has been replaced with concrete which also improves the relationship between the structure and the environment.

As the third largest fishing hub in the State of Oregon, it was critical that the Port took immediate action to begin efforts to rebuild the facility.  The new plant will serve as one of the few public ice docks in the State, ensuring that fleets from our local and neighboring ports will have ice readily accessible for their catch. 


For additional information, please contact:
Margaret Barber, Director of External Affairs // 541-266-3713

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