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Channel Description

Coos Bay’s short 15-mile channel helps ensure that inbound and outbound cargoes move rapidly and efficiently through the harbor's marine terminals to domestic and international markets. Travel time from ocean to land is only 90 minutes. 

The following tables provide specific navigational information including location and channel specifications. 


Latitude 43° 22' North/Longitude 124 ° 22' West

The Coos Bay Sea Buoy is approximately 173 nautical miles/320 km south of the Columbia River, and 367 nautical miles/680 km north of the entrance to San Francisco Bay. 

Time Zone 

Pacific/ GMT -8h

UNCTAD Locode 


NOAA Char 


Admiralty Chart/Pilot 

3095. 3123 / NP8

Entrance Range D 

47 feet/ 14.33 meters Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) 

Channel Depth 

37 feet/11.28 meters MLLW 

Channel Length 

15.2 miles/ 24.5 kilometers 

  • 1,150 feet/350.7 meters at the entrance mark
  • Reduces to 700 feet/213.5 meters at Channel Mile 0 
  • Reduces through the entrance jetties to Channel Mile 1.0. From this point to the railroad bridge (see clearances below) at Channel Mile 9.2 authorized width is 300 feet/91.5 meters; authorized width from Channel Mile 9.2 through Channel Mile 15.0 is 400 feet/122.0 meters
Turning Basins 

Mile 12.2 and Mile 14.6 in the upper bay 

  • 197 feet/60.08 meters horizontal clearance at railroad bridge (Channel Mile 9.2) 
  • 149 feet/45.45 meters vertical restriction (0 tide) at McCullough Highway Bridge (U.S. 101, Channel Mile 9.5) 
Tidal Ranges 
  • Mean 5.6 feet/1.7 meters 
  • Diurnal 7.3 feet/2.2 meters
  • Maximum 12 feet/3.7 meters
  • Tidal ebb to 3 knots 
Winds & Weather 

Prevailing winds from the NW 

Storm events may produce winds from the SW and SE

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