In February 2017, Oregon International Port of Coos Bay (OIPCB) staff began on planning for the installation of internet service in the Charleston RV Park in the Charleston Marina Complex. The previous Wi-Fi system installed a few years ago was no longer adequate leaving Charleston RV Park customers without access to reliable, high speed internet. OIPCB recognizes the importance of having internet service as an amenity for our customers in today's digital age and set to look for another alternative. Due to the location of the Charleston Marina Complex, the amount of internet providers is limited. OIPCB staff have been researching and looking for internet providers that have adequate fiber optic internet feeds at a minimum of 100 MB per second. 

The purpose of the project is to provide reliable, high-speed, and user friendly internet so that the Port can provide the best customer service and support for our Charleston RV park users. OIPCB will contract out the service through a third party vendor with specialties in providing RV Parks and marinas wireless internet. The project is scheduled to be completed in second quarter 2018. After procuring internet service for the RV Park,  the project will advance to expanding high speed wireless internet for all Charleston Marina complex users. 

OIPCB continues to strive to provide the best customer service at the Charleston Marina complex while facing the challenge of maintaining and upgrading aging infrastructure. The OIPCB  is excited for the opportunity to be able to provide a faster and more reliable wireless internet service that can be used by customers for many years to come. 


For more questions about this project, please e-mail Project Manager, Joe Caruso at