Project Description

The Vaughn Viaduct Bridge Replacement project will replace one of the most important bridges along the Coos Bay Rail Line. The project will replace the existing 100-year-old structure with a newly constructed bridge which will be classified for speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.  In accordance with Federal Rail Administration (FRA) requirements, an assessment of the bridge was completed by Coos Bay Rail Link (CBR) and the Port’s contracted engineering firm, Stantec, which determined the Vaughn Viaduct bridge as structurally and functionally obsolete.  The recommendation following this assessment was to completely replace the structure with a new bridge. 

The new bridge will be a 5-span precast concrete girder structure.  During construction, the existing bridge will be utilized for rail traffic on the existing tracks while the new bridge is constructed alongside.  Once construction is complete, the rail line will be connected to the new bridge in one weekend and disassembly of the old Vaughn Viaduct bridge will commence.  This technique will minimize disruptions to rail service – ensuring that rail freight continues to move in and out of the south coast.

CBR vaughn viaduct bridge

Project Timeline: No concrete timeline is in place for completion At this point, design for the new bridge is complete. The Port recently received a federal Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) grant to fund this project. Thank you to all our legislative and community stakeholders for making this possible.

Benefits: The new bridge will meet current rail and seismic standards, improving overall safety and longevity of the line.  All traffic on the line either travels over or switches across the Vaughn Viaduct. Rail traffic and cargo would be unable to flow into or out of the south coast without the Vaughn Viaduct bridge.  Additionally, the new bridge is designed to accommodate unit train traffic, which is essential for future growth, development, and long-term viability of the line.   

Project Cost: The total estimated cost for Vaughn Viaduct bridge replacement is $7.5 million.  The Port has successfully obtained the $5.5 million to support construction, with $2 million pledged as a match from the State of Oregon, shippers, and the Port. The Port applied for the 2018 BUILD grant to obtain the funding needed to fix the Vaughn Viaduct Bridge. BUILD Grant Application

Project Location: The Vaughn Viaduct bridge crosses both Noti Creek and Vaughn Road in western Lane County at rail line Mile Post 667.40 (see map right).