Submit Names for Charleston Memorial

Charleston Fishermen's Memorial

Charleston, OR – This year’s deadline to have names engraved on the Charleston Fishermen’s Memorial at Charleston Marina is April 1st. Names may be engraved after review by members of the memorial committee. To add a name to the memorial, the person must have commercially fished out of the Charleston or Coos Bay area for a minimum of three years. Those with years spent in businesses related to the Charleston fishing industry will also be considered for the industry plaque. New additions to the plaques on the Charleston Fishermen’s Memorial will be dedicated at the annual Blessing of the Fleet Memorial Service at 10 A.M. May 27th. The Committee is asking for donations of floral arrangements for the Blessing of the Fleet Memorial Service on May 27th at 10 A.M. Applications to add names to the memorial are available at the Charleston Marina Office, 63534 Kingfisher Road. To have an application mailed, contact Margery Whitmer 541 297-2095.


For additional information contact:
Margery Whitmer / 541-297-2095