OIPCB Working to Repair the Coos Bay Swing Span Bridge

Update April 16, 2019

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay and Coos Bay Railroad Line are excited to announce the long anticipated return of operational status for the Coos Bay Railroad Swing Span Bridge.  The tentative dates for turning and testing the bridge is set for April 24 through April 26.   There is one scheduled inbound vessel traffic on the 24th. Once that vessel has cleared and the railroad bridge and the tugs and pilot vessel have had the opportunity to transit back below the railroad bridge, the Port will move the bridge to the open for railroad traffic position.  The swing span bridge will remain in the open to railroad traffic for two full days to allow for necessary alignment of the north and south railroad approaches.  The railroad swing span bridge will move to the open to maritime traffic position on the afternoon of April 26.  The Port anticipates additional testing of the electrical/mechanical functions of the swing span bridge which could take up to 10 days before returning the bridge to fully operational status.  During this time of testing, the swing span bridge will be going through several iterations of opening and closing, the Coos Bay Rail Line will work with all stakeholders to ensure everyone is apprised of their activity and to accommodate all vessel traffic. 

Update February 27, 2019

Port of Coos Bay Looks to have Swing Span bridge repaired in April

Update January 25, 2019

Work progresses on the Coos Bay Swing Span Bridge repair project. Port contractors have made progress in rehabilitation to the bridge structure. The tender house on the bridge was removed along with its equipment. The Oregon Coast Historical Railway museum was the recipient of the 100-year-old motor which turned the bridge in the past. The Port is doing additional repairs to the current turning mechanism to ensure continuity of the bridge infrastructure. The shoring to both ends of the bridge are completed and shoring has also commenced to the center of the bridge. During this process, new steel will replace the old steel in the center. Mechanical and electrical engineering work has been done to help optimize performance of the turning mechanism. At this point, the project target completion date is first quarter of 2019 and rail traffic south of the Coos Bay Swing Span bridge will start again once the bridge is functioning.

The Port continues to work with the Coos Bay Harbor Safety Committee, U.S. Coast Guard, Southwest Oregon Regional Airport and the local maritime community to ensure maritime traffic can pass through safely and efficiently. The Port would like to remind the public to be safe and stay off the tracks. The Coos Bay Rail Line is an active railroad and walking on or near the tracks is trespassing. See Tracks? Think Train!

Update November 5, 2018

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay will be conducting shoring and pile driving on the Coos Bay Rail Road Bridge at Coos Bay River Mile 9.0 beginning November 05, 2018. Work will be conducted from two work barges located along on the north side of the bridge center fender pier and will horizontally restrict the navigation channel by approximately 60’ on that side of the bridge. Planned work hours will be from 0700 to 1830 each day. Contact the designated Port point of contact to confirm which days’ work will be conducted. Mariners are advised to use caution while transiting the area. For additional information, contact Mr. Thomas Durand at 541‐294‐7426 or tdurand@portofcoosbay.com.

Update September 20, 2018

The work barge that will be utilized during construction is estimated to arrive on site in the coming weeks.

The Port’s contractor is also working to finalize shop plans for replacement bridge component fabrication and will continue to survey the structure to finalize work plans for construction.

Contractors and engineers are working with the Port to finalize the Jacking and Shoring plans by the end of the month. Concurrently, the pilings support Jacking and Shoring work are in the process of being purchased.

Construction completion is still on schedule to return the bridge to rail service in the Fall of 2018.

Update August 9, 2018

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay (Port) continues to work to restore the Coos Bay Swing Span bridge to rail service.  The bridge was closed to rail traffic following a structural failure in April of this year. 

The Port has selected a construction firm and steel parts fabricator to complete the necessary repairs to the structure.  Preliminary construction plans are completed, and the Port is currently working with contracted engineering consultants to develop design plans for a temporary shoring and jacking system.  Shoring and jacking will serve to preserve the surrounding components of the bridge during repairs.  The bridge is anticipated to reopen to rail service in the Fall of 2018.

The bridge serves as a critical component to the overall infrastructure of the Coos Bay Rail Line, which links Oregon products to the National Railway Network and the deep draft harbor at the Port of Coos Bay.  Access to the freight rail service is critical for the shippers utilizing it to move their goods to market. The shippers south of the Coos Bay Swing Span bridge employ nearly 600 people in Coos County.  In 2017, over 3000 rail cars moved to and from these businesses, representing approximately 40% of all rail traffic transported along the line.   The Port has and will continue to work closely with these shippers to develop interim solutions to transport goods until the bridge repairs are completed. 

Update May 23, 2018 

The work vessel and barge has repositioned to the South side of the Coos Bay Railroad Bridge this afternoon.  They are continuing the test and inspect the trusses, eye -bars and pins on the south side of the swing bridge.

Stantec has completed the scope of work and inspections on the Coos Bay Railroad Bridge.  The next phase will be determining the scope of repairs once Stantec provides the Port of Coos Bay with their inspection report.

Update May 21, 2018 

Work has commenced to conduct visual and non-destructive inspection of the structural members on the Coos Bay Railroad Bridge at Coos River mile 9.0.  The work vessel and barge will be set up on the north side of the swing bridge today and will be removing the Osprey Nest on top of the Swing Span bridge under the USFWS depredation permit to a safe location and clean planned bridge inspection locations with hand tools.

Note:The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay intends to conduct visual and non‐destructive inspection of structural members on the Coos Bay Railroad Bridge at Coos Bay River Mile 9.0 May 21 through May 25, 2018. Work will be conducted from a work barge located along one side of the bridge center fender pier and will horizontally restrict the navigation channel on that side of the bridge by approximately 50 feet.  Vertical clearance on each side of the bridge will not be obstructed by the planned work. Planned workhours will be from 0800 to 2000 each day.

Update May 3, 2018

Coos Bay, Or. - The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay wants to share with our stakeholders and the public our intentions to repair the swing span bridge that has been out of service since Friday, April 13th. The Port and our engineering consultants have completed an analysis of the failure and are finalizing a construction plan to get the bridge back in working order. At this point, we are expecting a three-month time frame to conclude the repairs needed to get the bridge back to operational status.

While the ultimate cost of repairs is not yet known, The Port will cover expenses by leveraging funding already in place to execute the required repairs.

There has been a great deal of hard work done by the Port, Jordan Cove and local rail shippers to quickly stand up an interim solution connecting local shippers to the national rail network and ensuring ongoing production of Coos Bay products. Thanks in large part to Jordan Cove who have provided a site to facilitate an intermodal transfer area to be used as an interim solution until the bridge is operable.


For additional media information, please contact:

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