Coos Bay Rail Link 2012 Economic Impact Study

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay has documented the economic impacts associated with rehabilitation
of the Coos Bay rail line and freight rail operations on the line by the Coos Bay Rail Link - CBR during calendar year 2012. This was the first full year of operations under Port ownership. The study was completed by BST Associates of Kenmore, Wash., specializing in economic research and analysis. 

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Coos Bay Rail Line Rehabilitation 

March 2013 Report to U.S. Maritime Administration 

This is an overview of where the railroad was before the Port of Coos Bay purchased it and what rehabilitation has been done to it thus far. 


Investments related to Major Track Rehabilitation Project 2011-2013

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay has overseen the $31 million rehabilitation of the 134-mile Coos Bay rail line. To date, the Port has completed the majority of the repairs to the nine tunnels and track structure. Top priority steel, timber and swing-span bridge repairs are ongoing.

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Rail Capacity Study 

In 2012, the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay, which owns the Coos Bay rail line, commissioned an engineering analysis of possible scenarios for capacity improvements on the rail line to accommodate potential cargo and container facility needs on the North Spit of Coos Bay. This information will be incorporated into the Section 203 Channel Modification feasibility study/environmental impact statement, which analyzes the feasibility of deepening and/or widening the lower bay deep-draft channel to serve the newer class of ships coming into service.

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TransPacific Parkway Realignment - completed 

The $1.35 million project combined two road/rail crossings into a single, signalized crossing to create a safer intersection for visitors to the south end of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and nearby industrial sites. The project was funded with grant funds from the Federal Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA:LU) and the Oregon Transportation Investment Act III (OTIA III).

Knife River Materials of Coos Bay won the construction bid award of $1.1 million.