Ocean Fishing & Crabbing

There's nothing better than going Ocean Fishing and Crabbing on a bluebird day! Follow along on this quick fishing trip that our Harbormaster, John Buckley went on this summer! Thank you to Captain John Blanchard of Sharky's Charters for allowing us to document the trip! 

Whether it's crabbing, clamming or fishing, we've got it all in the Charleston Marina! 

Railroad Centennial

The Port of Coos Bay celebrated 100 years of the Coos Bay rail line on August 5-7th. Take a look at all the festivities and events that happened during the celebratory weekend! 




Crab Fishery

We catch a lot of crab out at the Charleston Marina For commercial crabbers, Charleston Marina is home to their boats and business. For recreational crabbers, Charleston Marina is a great place to catch crabs just off the docks as well as a great place to buy fresh local crab! Business featured here include Fishermen's Wharf, a crab fishery, and a crabber boat, the Harvester, and her crew.