Anna Soderstrom

Chief Commercial Officer



EDUCATION: Anna, a native Swede, has studied in Sweden, Spain and at the University of Washington. She holds a B.A. in International Marketing and a M.S. in Economics and Organizational Development. During her career, Anna has obtained certifications in Six Sigma, International Trade, Dale Carnegie Leadership Training, and Professional Coaching in Appreciative Inquiry and Whole System IQ. 

ORGANIZATIONS INVOLVED IN: While in Tacoma Anna was a board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs in South Puget Sound. She is also a Fellowship Member of the World Affairs Council and a member of the Transportation Club of Tacoma.

HOBBIES: Anna enjoys spending time with her family and in the outdoors. She is a decent runner and aspires to join the annual Coos Bay run.  

WORK HISTORY: Anna has spent most of her career in the maritime industry with 15+ years of industry experience under her belt. Anna started out her maritime career at the Port of Seattle in the Cruise Department and later moved on to become the Senior Business Development Manager at the Port of Tacoma. In 2010, Anna started her own corporate marketing firm, The Fringe Embassy, working with clients mainly in the maritime industry. Directly before coming to the Port of Coos Bay, Anna worked as the Director of Client Relations & Business Development for California and Washington United Terminals. 

FAMILY: Anna has two kids whom she loves very much and a dog named Lilly. According to her daughter,  there is a need for yet another dog (a puppy).  

FAVORITE QUOTE: Wander Often. Wonder Always.