The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay Board of Commissioners established the Charleston Advisory Committee on September 17, 2003. The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Port Commission in developing strategies and guidelines for various projects and issues concerning the Charleston Marina Complex.

The function of the committee includes but is not limited to:

  • Review and monitoring of proposed or ongoing projects within or affecting the Charleston Marina, Charleston Marina RV Park and Shipyard;

  • Review of rate/fee schedules for Charleston Marina Complex facilities and services; and

  • Review and update Charleston Master Plan.

Public Participation

The Charleston Advisory Committee typically meets quarterly at noon, the Wednesday before the third Thursday. The public is welcome to attend.
The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 17th at NOON.
Charleston Marina RV Park
63402 Kingfisher Road
Charleston, OR 97420

Committee Members and Representation

  • Michael T. Armstrong, Lakeside, public-at-large
  • Nick Nylander, Coos Bay, recreational fishing
  • Kyle Cox, Tarheel Aluminum, vessel repair and fabrication 
  • Margery Whitmer, Betty Kay Charters, Charleston Marina Complex lessees
  • Tom Nowlin, Coos Bay, commercial fishing
  • Lou Leberti, recreational fishing
  • Mark Fleck, Charleston, public-at-large.
  • Will Smith, Fishermen's Wharf 


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