Tarheel Aluminum Alice Faye Launch

Congratulations to Charleston Shipyard boat fabricator, Tarheel Aluminum, for a successful launch of the Alice Faye! The Alice Faye has 15' wide beam and is 40' in length. It will be one of the larger fishing vessels based out of Port Orford, OR. This vessel can be used for both commercial fishing and crabbing. It was also our Charleston Shipyard's maiden launch for a commercial vessel! For more information on the travel lift, click here



Crab Fishery

We catch a lot of crab out at the Charleston Marina For commercial crabbers, Charleston Marina is home to their boats and business. For recreational crabbers, Charleston Marina is a great place to catch crabs just off the docks as well as a great place to buy fresh local crab! Business featured here include Fishermen's Wharf, a crab fishery, and a crabber boat, the Harvester, and her crew.